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There are several resources available for individuals in the Sandhills area who are seeking spiritual or recovery support. Pilgrim's Progress is a classic book that offers insights into the Christian faith and can be a helpful resource for those seeking spiritual guidance.

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The Samaritan Colony is a non-profit organization that provides residential and outpatient treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues.


The Sandhills Adult and Teen Challenge is a faith-based organization that offers residential treatment for individuals struggling with addiction. These resources can offer valuable support and guidance to those in need.

The Sandhills F3 group offers free fitness workouts and community events for men looking to improve their physical and mental health.


Local AA meetings can provide support and community for individuals struggling with addiction or other challenges.


Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a global community-based organization that provides support, guidance, and a non-judgmental environment for individuals seeking recovery from drug addiction. With its foundation rooted in the principles of anonymity, honesty, and unity, Narcotics Anonymous offers a 12-step program and regular meetings where members can share their experiences, strength, and hope to help one another maintain a drug-free lifestyle.


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that provides a supportive community for individuals seeking recovery from various hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Through its biblical principles and step-based approach, Celebrate Recovery offers a safe and non-judgmental environment where people can find healing, freedom, and transformation in their lives.


The Moore Free Clinic is a compassionate healthcare facility that provides essential medical services to underserved individuals in need, ensuring their access to quality care regardless of their financial circumstances.

Vocational Rehabilitation is a program that empowers individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers, develop necessary skills, and secure meaningful employment, fostering independence and economic self-sufficiency.

Sandhills Community College is a dynamic educational institution that offers a wide range of academic programs and resources, empowering students to achieve their educational and career goals in a supportive and enriching environment.

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