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The Pilgrim's Progress Mentoring Program is a valuable resource dedicated to supporting men in their journey towards making positive decisions and creating a fulfilling life after completing treatment. We understand that the transition from treatment to the outside world can be challenging, and our program aims to provide guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to help men navigate this critical phase.

Through our mentoring program, we offer personalized support from experienced mentors who are committed to helping men set realistic goals, develop effective life plans, and make informed choices. Our mentors, who have firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced during this transition, provide a safe and supportive space where men can openly discuss their concerns, explore new possibilities, and gain valuable insights.

In the mentor program, it's essential to clarify that mentors are distinct from sponsors. While sponsors typically play a crucial role in 12-step programs, mentors in our program provide a unique level of support and guidance. They offer personalized assistance, helping individuals make better decisions, set goals, and create plans for a successful life after treatment.

Whether you're seeking guidance on career paths, educational opportunities, building healthy relationships, or creating a structured daily routine, our mentors are here to assist you in making better decisions and setting achievable goals. By participating in the Pilgrim's Progress Mentoring Program, you'll have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom and experience of individuals who genuinely care about your success.

If you're a man who has recently completed treatment and is looking for support and guidance as you navigate the next chapter of your life, we invite you to sign up for our Pilgrim's Progress Mentoring Program. Together, we will work towards creating a future filled with purpose, growth, and newfound confidence. Take this step towards a brighter future by signing up for our mentoring program today!

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